let’s be totally honest...you are a rockstar.

You’re a smart, successful, organized, go-getter and a pretty damn good juggler of all the things you do in your day. Your family and co-workers are amazed at what you can accomplish in a day when you're on top of your game. But those days are becoming fewer and farther between...you get it done because you have no choice, but your success is coming at a very high price. Your health.

most days you just feel...fried, frazzled, and burnt out. 

You drag yourself to work, wishing you were back in bed. Your energy is completely scattered. You can't focus, you're moody, stressed, you have big time brain fog...you're not anywhere close to happy with yourself. You struggle through your day, with the help of coffee and sugary, carb-loaded foods, come home exhausted and think, "I'll have a better day tomorrow." But you don't.

it doesn’t have to be this way…

I know, I know...you’re so busy and so tired you can’t even think about adding anything else to your schedule. Not cooking, not exercising and certainly not relaxing.

But you’re at a fork in the road - continue the way you’re going and you might end up where you’re headed, which isn’t pretty. Or you can choose to take the path you know deep down in your soul you want to take toward health, vitality, and the full, harmonious life you want to be living.

i get it. i’ve been there…i’m not there anymore.

My life was turned upside down by a messy, drawn out divorce. The trauma and drama took a massive toll on my health. I suffered from such adrenal fatigue, I’d come home and fall asleep in my work clothes. I was working crazy corporate hours and my cortisol levels were off the charts. I was anemic, diabetic...even my hair was falling out! I was suffering, but kept pushing on because I had to. Let me tell you, I was miserable in every way possible. It’s hard to look back even now at the way things were.

Finally, one day I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the haggard, exhausted, dull woman staring back at me. I knew I had to make a change.

i didn’t want to die with the music still in me.

That was the turning point. Before this crisis, I had always been a fit, healthy person and I needed to get back to her. I reclaimed my personal power and started my journey back to health. I went slowly at first, by making small changes, recognizing my options, and learning more about the art of self-care. I became passionate about learning everything I could about health, nutrition and fitness. As my journey continued, I discovered I wanted to expand my knowledge while helping myself and also to fill in the pieces of how to help others. A newfound purpose filled me, and I graduated from Health Coach Institute to complete my formal training.

Since then, I’m happy to say I have made a complete turnaround in my health and my life.

i’ve done it, i’ve helped my clients do it, and i can help you, too, with my in sync energy protocol


if you’re ready...

...to experience EMPOWERED IN SYNC ENERGY...

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♥ tami




My fiance calls me Sassy

I love a good chardonnay and Central California wineries

Communicating is my gift...I’ve never met a stranger

Animals are my soft spot

I love camping along the river listening to nature

I live on the central coast of California and love the water

I used to be an avid snowboarder, but now I love to hike and kickbox (makes me feel powerful)

A staple in my kitchen is healthy Mexican food

The weirdest job I’ve ever had was a demo girl at a grocery store 🙂

I make jewelry in my spare time as a creative outlet